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One of the most beautiful & well-managed cemeteries in Eastern Suffolk County, Long Island

Our Cemetery Services

  • Cemetery Lot Purchase

    Discover eternal tranquility. Our cemetery lots offer a timeless resting place for your loved ones.…

  • Affordable Burials

    Our affordable burial options provide dignified resting places that honor your loved ones without straining…

  • Disinterments

    Our compassionate team understands the delicate nature of this process and is dedicated to providing…

  • Sketch & Sandblast Fee Approval

    Streamline the process with our affordable sketch and sandblast fee approval services.

  • Foundations

    Our expert team ensures sturdy, reliable foundations for monuments and memorials, all at a budget-friendly…

  • Columbarium

    Our thoughtfully designed spaces offer a serene and dignified setting for the ashes of your…

  • Cremations

    With compassion, we offer respectful and personalized options for your loved one’s final arrangements.

  • Family Mausoleums

    Explore our offerings to create a timeless tribute that honors your family’s heritage.

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Full-Service Cemetery & Crematory

Distinctive in Design, Traditional in Nature

Mount Pleasant Cemetery Association of Center Moriches, NY, welcomes you. We are proud to maintain one of the most beautiful and well-managed cemeteries in Eastern Suffolk County, Long Island. Our grounds are distinctive in design and yet traditional in nature. This allows everyone a choice selection of burial plots.

We also have on our premises our very own private chapel as well as a state of the art crematory system. We aim to help you get through this tough time and provide you with exceptional cemetery and cremation services. We are a 501C-13 Not-For-Profit Organization established in 1879.

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In Memory

In Remembrance - TWA Flight 800 - July 17, 1996

In remembrance of the souls lost on TWA Flight 800 on July 17, 1996, we honor their lives, cherish their memories, and hold them close in our hearts. May their spirits find eternal peace as we reflect on their enduring legacy and the love they brought into the world. Though they may be gone, their presence resonates in the skies and in our hearts forevermore.

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Visit Mount Pleasant: Where Tranquility Meets Innovation

Serving Long Island Since 1879

Please consider exploring our exquisite property at your convenience. Our gates are accessible seven days a week, and our office is open on weekdays. Experience firsthand the tranquility we provide and the reverence we extend to your cherished ones. Notably, Mount Pleasant employs the patent-pending Clean Sweep system, a cutting-edge technology for cremations.

We believe in your freedom to select the Cemetery & Crematory that aligns with your preferences. For further insights into Mount Pleasant Cemetery & Crematory and our comprehensive offerings, please click below for our ‘offerings’ pdf document.

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The cemetery is open seven days a week during the following hours:
March 15th – October 15th: 6:00am – 7:00pm
October 15th – March 15th: 7:00am – 5:00pm

Office hours are as follows:
Monday – Friday: 8:00am to 3:00pm
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