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Mount Pleasant Cemetery provides residents across Long Island with an array of cemetery services. This includes the chance for early cemetery lot purchase. Losing a loved one is never easy, but we can be there for you every step of the way in the planning process. And by allowing you to purchase a cemetery lot earlier, you can make that decision with a clear head, as opposed to when you may be grieving. We believe that making these arrangements earlier can help when the time comes.

Make these important decisions with your family, calmly, and without the emotional stress of loss by pre-planning. Proper planning spares survivors of any additional stress and ordeals at the time of loss. Our eastern Suffolk County premises is a beautiful final resting place for your loved one.

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Why Purchase A Cemetery Lot?

Understanding the Importance and Benefits of Cemetery Lot Ownership

Hasty and often careless decisions are too frequently later regretted. And purchasing a lot earlier ensures that you get the spot you want, which we understand may be with other family members. Payment in full must immediately be made out of funds often intended for other purposes. However, we want to make clear that we do offer many options when it comes to both a cemetery lot purchase, as well as any cemetery services you may be interested in.

Come to the most beautiful cemetery Eastern Long Island residents trust and discover the peace of mind we can offer you and your loved ones. We offer great affordable burial services that are assuring and will commemorate your loved one in a memorable way.

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Call For More Information

Reach Out Today for Detailed Insights and Assistance

Mount Pleasant Cemetery of Center Moriches has been serving the Long Island community for years. Please come down to our eastern Suffolk County location to discuss a cemetery lot purchase with our staff. And of course we provide more than just the purchasing of a cemetery lot, including handling cremations.

For more information regarding our variety of cemetery services, please reach out to us today. You can call 631-878-0482 to speak for a representative in our office about the details. We understand how difficult the passing of a loved one can be, but by planning beforehand you will not have to deal with this extra stress while grieving. Our customer service staff takes pride in helping people through these difficult times.