Guidance for Funeral Arrangements

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Frequently Asked Questions About Funerals & Cemeteries

When you turn to Mount Pleasant Cemetery, you will be getting burial and cemetery services that are respectful and affordable. Our staff knows how difficult this time is and we do all we can to make the cemetery process simple and stress free. We can offer you guidance on the best way to go about your funeral arrangements.

If you have questions about our cemetery services, please contact us. When you reach out, we will happily answer any of your questions and put you on the path to having respectful and affordable cemetery services. Choosing a funeral home where you feel comfortable is crucial. We recommend asking around to see what others have said and done about this. We have our list of recommended funeral homes if you wanted to check them out. They come with our letter of recommendation.

Let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions regarding funeral arrangements.

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Can I Ask for Pricing?

When it comes to working with the director of a funeral home, it is important to remember that you are the customer and you have a right to see the price list. Of course, funeral homes are permitted to set their own prices, so you will likely seeing different prices for the same services when comparing funeral homes. However, it is a violation of law to charge you more than the prices listed on the price list, which is why you should always ask to see it. This way they cannot drive up the price without you knowing.

When you make your selections, you will often be given an itemized statement of services and merchandise, which for most funeral arrangements includes contractual language that legally obligates you to pay the cost of the funeral once you sign the contract.

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What Information Should I Receive Before Signing a Contract?

It is important to do your due diligence when looking into funeral homes and contacting multiple funeral homes allows you to compare pricing. At Mount Pleasant Cemetery, we pride ourselves on having some of the lowest prices for various cemetery and cremation services. We have state-of-the-art cremation equipment and beautiful cemetery grounds that will make it special and memorable.

Prior to making any selections regarding the funeral, the law requires the funeral director to give you the following information: A General Price List, A Pre-Need Itemization Statement of Services and Merchandise and a Pre-Need Agreement.

A General Price List
This price list should cover the current prices or range of prices for any merchandise, services, and facilities they offer. Funeral homes are permitted to set their own prices, but these prices on the General Price List must be adhered to. They cannot charge more than the list prices. By law, the funeral director must give you this list must at the beginning of the arrangement meetings. Always review the price list before signing any contract.

A Pre-Need Itemization Statement of Services and Merchandise
This lists the items of merchandise, services, and facilities you have chosen, and the price of each one. There is often an estimate of the cash advance fees to be paid on your behalf to third parties. This itemized statement will serve as your contract once it is signed.

A Pre-Need Agreement
This is an agreement that outlines all the terms as well as your rights as the purchaser. It must also state how the principal and interest will be applied to the cost of your funeral services and merchandise.

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What Will the Funeral Arrangements Cost?

As you know by now, the funeral arrangements and their costs vary from location to location. They also depend on exactly what you want done with the funeral. There is a range in prices of caskets that depend on the style, the type of wood, the lining, as well as other factors. And if you want to view the remains there may be a fee for embalming and preparing the body.

A direct burial or direct cremation is the cheapest option. But in the end, the cost of the funeral arrangements will come down to what you want, which is why asking around for the best prices is a wise way to go about it. You can call and ask about pricing options. Funeral homes are required to give you pricing over the phone.

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Can the Funeral Home Change Arrangements without My Permission?

No, the funeral director needs to obtain your approval before making any substitutions or changes to the arrangements.

Can the Funeral Home Charge Storage and Refrigeration Fees?

Yes, funeral homes can charge fees for days that the body is being held and no other services are being provided at that time. However, this fee must be disclosed beforehand and identified as a daily, weekly, or one-time fee. This falls under the aspect of the itemized billing and needs to be made aware before the charge is applied.

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