Obituary Writing Tips

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How To Write An Obituary

Mount Pleasant Cemetery, located on Eastern Long Island, understands the emotional and physical tolls of losing a loved one. The grieving period can become overwhelming and difficult to cope with while also planning a funeral, burial or cremation. One of the most significant ways to remember the deceased is writing an obituary for them. As part of our cemetery services, we can help you write an obituary and offer some tips.

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Steps For Writing An Obituary

However, some way not know how to write one or where to begin. Here is how a traditional obituary is written:

  1. Start by writing who has passed away including their name, age and residence with their time and place of death. Rather than using the words, “died” or “dead,” try sensitively describing their death as has “passed away” or “passed on.” Religious individuals may write “went to the Lord” or any variation of this. Although there is no obligation to include how death occurred, writing how the person died will also quell the curiosities of your readers. Remember, you and your loved ones have a right to privacy. Only include these details if you feel comfortable sharing.
  2. Write about the significant events and milestones in that person’s lifetime. Write about their birth or home and family life while they were growing up. Include any professional accolades or military honors that they achieved as well. If they enjoyed any hobbies or frequent activities, include them. Rather than writing a complete biography, simply paint a picture of this person’s life in your obituary
  3. Add the person’s immediate familial relations, living or dead, including their parents, siblings, spouse and children if any. Funerals are very personal to the family of the deceased. By including them in your obituary, it will make them feel closer to the one they have lost.
  4. Be sure to include the address, date and time of your loved one’s service. You may usually have your funeral director handle this work. Also add the time and place of visitation so more people have an opportunity to pay their last respects.
  5. Lastly, yet perhaps most significantly, include one or more photos of your loved one for readers to recognize. Using photos of your loved one when they were younger is great. However, be sure to use recent photos so readers will recognize the person in their most current appearance. It has been said that “a picture is worth 1,000 words.” Using a photo of your loved one at their best is an excellent way to honor their life.

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Why Writing An Obituary Matters

An obituary serves as a notice that a person has passed and typically includes a short biography about the person’s life. Most obituaries are printed in local newspapers and are sometimes found online. Many people consider writing an obituary to be a great honor and a chance to showcase the life of their loved one.

Writing an obituary can be an emotionally heavy task. These steps should help form your writing process. Our commitment to compassionate client support allows us to provide you with the most beautiful funeral services.

For more information on our services, please contact us today. When you reach out, we can provide you with further details about our cemetery services. We hope these obituary writing tips help you write out a thoughtful and caring obituary. We can also discuss how to write an obituary when you call our office.

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